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  • 建立共融校園以促進學生的融合

  • 促進教師參加專業發展計劃,建立幫助非華語幼兒學習中文的策略

  • 駐校社工支援非華語幼兒的個人情緒及社交發展,適時提供輔導

  • 班主任與非華語家長作定期聯絡,讓家長掌握校園的最新動態及消息

  • 鼓勵非華語家長參與義工及家長團契活動,以加強學校與家長之間的聯繫

  • 班主任因應非華語幼兒的程度,調整課堂及功課內容

  • 鼓勵非華語幼兒參與傳統節日活動,以提升幼兒對學習中文的興趣

Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Children

  • To promote mutual respect of individual differences among students and cultivate an inclusive school culture.

  • To encourage teachers joining professional training program in order to build and strengthen the techniques in teaching Chinese language for NCS children.

  • To provide appropriate support in personal emotion and social development by School-based social worker.

  • To contact parents in a regular basis for them to get updated news and information from school.

  • To encourage NCS parents joining the volunteer and fellowship activities in building close relationship with school.

  • To adjust the content of curriculum and homework according to NCS children’s needs and abilities.

  • To motivate NCS’s children in learning Chinese by encouraging them participating in traditional festive activities.

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